My Priorities

Strategic Planning

Our city needs proactive leadership. A city that plans and looks to the future for decisions that need to be made today. We need a strategic plan that gives our city, our residents, and our council a clear roadmap for where we want to be in the future and what we need to do to get there.

I support adoption of a strategic plan that addresses projects and actions, reflecting the priorities of our residents. I support a strategic plan that allows us to grow to meet future needs WHILE maintaining Arroyo Grande's charm and beauty.

Roads and Infrastructure

Our city has an area of 5.8 square miles - chock full of roads, sidewalks, pipes, and public facilities.

I support maintaining a healthy PCI (Pavement Condition Index) for city road, balancing deferred maintenance with repair/replacement options, and maintaining our, streets, sidewalks, underground infrastructure, and ADA compliance for the safety of our residents.

Secure Public Safety

The safety and security or our residents is of utmost importance. Our citizens need confidence that, if and when emergency services are needed, the services will be available.

I support proper funding for our Police and Fire Departments. I support a secure future for our Fire Department.

Parks and Recreation

Fresh air, sunshine, recreation... these are all valuable to the mental and physical well being of our youth.

I support city efforts to offer affordable programming, childcare, and to maintain parks and play structures.

Broadband Access

With the move to remote education and telecommuting, the importance of internet access for all is greater than ever. It is no longer a nicety, but a requirement.

I support efforts to increase broadband accessibility and availability throughout our city through strategic partnerships with local businesses.

Fiscal Responsibility

We’ve been prudent, cutting and saving without compromising service; now, we must ensure tax dollars collected benefit everyone.

I support a balanced budget, responsible spending, accountability, and maintaining a strong reserve.

Economic Recovery

The extend of economic devastation our city has endured in the face of COVID-19 has yet to be realized. Our residents, our small businesses, and our local economy need help.

Arroyo Grande has a balanced budget in light of COVID-19. I support maintaining a strong reserve in the event our city faces even graver financial devastation. A strong reserve will ensure we have money to provide the quality of services our residents deserve, even when revenue is down.

I support economic relief programs for small businesses and support extending grace to our residents struggling to pay their bills.

Water Sustainability

With historic periods of drought, we must secure water availability for our city to meet the water needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same

I support wastewater recycling, water efficiency programs, and diligent management and oversight of water usage.

Attainable Housing

We need to address our housing shortage so that everyone who wishes to live here has an opportunity to live here.

I support attainable housing options for residents, streamlining the ADU process, and evaluating city assets to rezone where necessary.

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